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Personal Statement

Dear Parents,
It is with great Pleasure that I welcome you to our school Website.
Welcome to the MOUJ Pre-School & Daycare Family, I would like to thank you for your continued support.


At MIS our aim is to provide children with a caring, happy environment where they can develop as wise individuals socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally. We strongly believe that whatever our kids experience in school has a far-reaching effect on their entire life. That’s why we make effort to offer stimulating & wholesome experience which involves learning through various integrated methods, art and craft activities and group activities that involve free expression of emotions and thoughts. We ensure safety, security & comfort of the highest standard.

Our focus on children’s abilities to :
• Learn
• Be self-confident and have high self-esteem
• Have positive social skills
• Have successful relationships at later ages
• Develop a sense of empathy.


Mrs Renu Sagar

About the Team

Our Staff

We have a team of committed professionals, care givers and trained teachers who understand kid's needs & requirements. They not only give the kids all the love, care, attention and protection that they deserve , but also share their joys, exhilaration, fears & Problems and in the process help them grow and become confident & friendly HUMAN BEINGS.

Importance of Pre-School

The pre-school years are an important phase of child's education. During these formative years, we want to build every child's confidence and desire to learn. Our curriculum aims to provide child with a broad range of learning experiences that will help him/ her to discover his/her inborn talents and interests. Inculcating good habits, manners, etiquette discipline in the young impressionable minds through various activities.