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Strong academic education comes from Quality Curriculum, Small Class Sizes, Technologically Advanced Teaching Aids and Careful Monitoring of every student's progress. MIS provides instruction in the fundamental skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Problem-solving, Observation, Measurement, Use of Information and Communications Technology, Mathematics, Science & Social Studies.

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Extra-Curricular, Sports and cultural activities are just as fundamental to a child's growth and learning as his/her academic output. Extracurricular activities includes Dance, Music, Role play, Drawing / Painting / Arts and Craft, Karate & Yoga /Physical Activities, Team work, Value based Education (Moral Science).Activities are conducted at inter-school, inter-class and inter-house level.

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All Round Child

Every child is unique with certain innate talents which he/she may like to pursue as a hobby. Competitions, Debates, Discussions, Recitation, Public Speaking & Physical activities help widely in overall development of student. This helps the Student develop the skills that they will need to succeed in a future filled with uncertainty.

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Qualified Staff
& Regular PTMs

We have committed, happy and effective teaching staff. The Primary teachers at MIS are professionally trained to make their teaching child-centric and activity-oriented. Regular PTMs where the progress of the student is discussed individually and parents are guided about the ways & means by which they can solve the emotional & academic problems of their children.

" MOUJ International School Focuses On "

  • Standard Subjects:
  • English
    Social Science

  • Moral Character:
  • Respect
    • Life Skills:
    • Co - Curricular activities
      Physical education

    • Knowledge Skills:
    • Interpersonal skills
      Communication Skills
      Problem-Solving and Analytical Ability

    • Core Values :
    • Self awareness
      Self management
      Responsible Decision Making
      Relationship Management
      Social Awareness