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Our Objective

Is to partner with you to plan, build & run a best-in-class child-care facility as per your requirement, which makes parenting fun & comfortable for your employees.

With Changing times the family structure has changed. Now we have working young parents and It has become important for the company to implement Staff friendly culture in the company. Employers that provide child care facilities are recognised as employee friendly. The benefits are enormous beside the financial, this makes it easier for them to get smarter people to work for them; & since their employees are happier one, they are less likely to leave even for better opportunities.

MOUJ-Moments of Unlimited Joy… A Day Care & Play School operates Onsite Child Day care centers within corporate offices.
MOUJ Day Care onsite & Offsite centers caters to:
• Age- 6 months +
• After School programs for children coming from other schools.
• Flexible & Regular duration options also available.

Benefits of Mouj Corporate Day Care

• Reduces Absenteeism
• Staff Retention
• Enhances Staff Efficiency & Commitment
• Enhances Corporate Brand Image
• Builds Loyalty
• Compliance with Government Policies & laws
• Reduces Employee Stress

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